Unsuspected Sounds

by Todd Barton

Todd Barton

Though Rob Hordijk’s synth modules have a similar outward look to Moog and MOTM designs, underneath the hood is a completely different, wonderous and deeply expressive universe. A single millimeter turn of a knob can subtlely control a timbre, pitch or modulation while another millimeter turn can open up wild, dramatically expressive and unsuspected sounds.

Watch Edge of Chaos

For my style of improvisation I find the Hordijk system ideal. I can musically and intuitively spin on a dime. I’m still learning to feel my way through and with Rob’s genius and the journey is a blast! Daily I find new timbral and sonic worlds to explore!

TwinPeak Improvisation

The underpinning of my improvisational explorations is what I call “following the sound”. I like to be surprised by a knob turn then instantaneously and emotionally respond to it with a musical gesture which unlocks yet another unsuspected sound.

And thus the journey continues. Sometime I’ll find a interesting resting place of a repeated phrase or fascinating timbre but I know I’m only a knob turn away for the roller coaster of sonic delights.

In my opinion, Rob Hordijk’s module/system design is the ultimate tool/instrument for sculpting sound.

Todd Barton: Analog Synthesist: performer, tutor, composer

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