Rob Hordijk

On April 10th 2015 Basic Electricity #15 took place in Berlin as a special event dedicated to Rob Hordijk instruments and musicians playing them.

Rob himself gave a hands-on demonstration of his modurlar synth with a special emphasis on the Dual Env (Rev 3) and the S&H function. You can watch and listen to his explanations in the videos below.

Hordijk Modular

While talking to Rob inbetween performances a couple of interesting points came up, when asked about how many modular synthesizers he had build he estimated that about 30 had been made - adding that they’d be quite a collectable item in the future ;-)

Rob also hinted that a modular sequencer but as a stand-alone device might be in the works! But as new developments need a lot of time we won’t be seeing anything more of it at least till 2016. Still an exciting prospect, I’d be really interested to see what Rob would come up with for sequencing. I’d say it is a fair assumption that will be anything but straight eight step step-sequnencing…

The performances were all using Rob’s instruments and it was particularly nice to hear the different approaches people have with them. I hope to be able to link or publish them here on this page later.

All in all it was a great event and it was nice meeting Rob again and fellow wigglers Navs, Richard and Blue_Lu!

I would like to thank Richard and Navs for setting up this event and for the great hosting.