By OSC1899

5U Setup

At the moment I have two compact and portable 5U cases. When choosing the modules I had the idea that the case should be portable. When I first met Rob in his atelier in The Hague I made my wishes clear and the first case should be a case without a dedicated voice. At this time I also had 2 Blippoo boxes in my setup, so there were enough VCO’s to play with.

The first case I ordered contained the following triple panels:

Upper row: Triple LF-VCO – VCA/Shaper Phaser – 24dB Filter

Lower row: Rungler – Minimatrix – Nodeprocs

Next, the second case should had have a voice panel. Because I wanted an analog sequencer in the system and Rob has no sequencers in his arsenal of modules I choosed to buy the Moon M569 sequencer.

So the second case contained the modules:

Upper row: Moon M569 sequencer

Lower row: OscHRM v2 – Dual Env v2 - Twinpeak

Since I learned my system better and doing some live gigs, I discovered that it would be better to switch the Moon M569 into the first case. So, at the moment the Moon M569 and the Rungler/Minimatrix/Nodeprocs modules are included in case 1. The second case can be interpret and used like a monster voice. The OscHRM/Dual Env/Twinpeak combo is now accompanied by the Triple LF-VCO/ShaperPhaser/24dBFilter.

Live setup

In this current system setup I love the fact that both cases can be used separately. The case with the Moon M569 sequencer acts like a stand-alone sequencer box which can also be clocked by the Rungler.

In the future I would like to add another voice triple panel (OscHRM/DualEnv/Twinpeak).