By Neovintage

5U Setup

This is my system unpatched for visual clarity.. The OscHRMSub/OscHRMSub/DualFader is not mine.

I use KMI QuNexus and Arturia BeatStep to control it.

My Benjolins (2) are not shown as I remove them for their box a while ago because I was not satisfying with it. I’m on the study for a better case/frame.

Why did I go for a Hordijk system?

I was interesting about modular synths since 2 years but only owned a Moog Little Phatty with CV Outs and couple of foogers. This was great but no enough. When I started to search about a good modular synth, I learned the difference between East and West Coast and it kind of complicated my research as I was interested in both worlds. Maybe 6 months later, I read a topic on a french forum (Anafrog) about Rob Hordijk designs. This topic was also in Muffwiggler (The Hordijk Project).

In this topic I found the link to a series of wonderful videos of Rob in Mallorca. I was sold.

His modules could produce both East and West sounds, were cleverly design in sound quality, possibilities and sexiness (not the Eurorack FrankenSynth). What I also liked was the size and weight of the system. It is easily transportable.

I was sold. It was going to be my modular.

About my sytem

The first one was composed with :



TriLF-VCO/DualEnvV1/ShaperPhaser (right after the DualPhaser)


I got it in February 2013 when I visited Rob in the Hague.

I also got a half-size case in which I can lower the size of the sytem if needed.

The second, in fact the first modified is composed with :




A fourth panel will be added later.

This system works very well for me. I can do drones, sequences, leads, pings and percussions. With such a small content it is very powerful and complete.

The modules take time to understand and to find sweet spots.

One thing that I noticed is that the less you patch and use, the better the result is. I don’t know if this is due to the design but with only 3 or 4 modules you can have lots of goods for a long time. That said, I will expand my system ASAP.